BoL + BoLA

7 years ago, I first got involved in volunteering for meet-the-people session in Taman Jurong. Till now, I still vividly remember my first conversation with Mr Tharman… 

 T: Why do you want to become a grassroots volunteer? 

 Me: I am sick of being condemned as an ex prisoner and I don’t understand why I can’t lead my life as a normal person… I want to a useful citizen instead of bringing shame to my family and community. 

 T: Lets do something about it… 

 Today, Beacon of Life ( ex-offender support group) is very fortunate to have the privilege of having so many mentors shaping and developing our future since our release. Now we have members with degree in law, in accounting, in fine arts, diploma in logistic, another one part time studying in business, and one part time and full time student studying degrees in maths. 

For the outreach program, we set up BoLa (youth outreach group) and have positively influenced the lives of more than 60 troubled teens in Jurong area through football, arts and many projects.

- Kim Whye Kee
Leader and co-founder of Beacon of Life and BoLa 

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