Big move and more!

Just a short update (and also to brush off the cobwebs on this page!!) from our end. 

Last few months were busy with more R&D and also planning for our big move to a new home. We’re now located in Buangkok and have a dedicated corner to host people for tea appreciation and for classes. 

With a more conducive space, we’ve also found ourselves to be more productive. We managed to snag the limited edition packets of Singapore clay from our teacher. The clay was dug up in the 80s from Ang Mo Kio all the way to Tampines, kept safely in our teacher’s warehouse and now in our hands for some experimentation. Last week, we released an edition of 10 and are extremely happy to share that they’ve all been adopted! 

We’ve also been having some friends up to test the teapot. Here’s what Kyarazen (@aloeswoods on ig) shared about the performance of this clay : “…and preliminary experiments and tastings intrigued me tremendously. It recedes the fire/roast of freshly roasted tea, allowing the finer core aromatics to show through, smoothening the body, and most interestingly enhances 回甘(huigan) extending it.” 

If you’re interested to own a piece of SG clay tea ware, we still have some 盖碗 (gaiwan), also edition of 10, available.


Check out (below) some of the other tea wares we’ve made recently!

Busy few weeks ahead preparing for our next open house in Mid Oct and for the Yellow Ribbon Art Exhibition 2018. But happy to be busy and also for the new friendships and camaraderie that pottery and tea has brought me. That being said, whether you’re from Singapore or overseas, we’re happy to host you for tea. Write to us!

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